May 2023

May 2023 We’re organizing a spring party in Libken! With: Bar Paradieschen, delicious food by Kochsalon /Bus, a performance by the wonderful dance collective In An Instant and DJs Tulip and Pilou Fuzz! Join us for hanging out, chats and dances under our new canopied work space! When: May 28th, starting from 4:30 pm / performance at 5:30 pm Where. Denk- und Produktionsort Libken e.V., Ort Böckenberg 15-17, 17268 Gerswalde /// I’m back to rehearsals with Isabelle Schad and a group of 15 dancers. It is a lot of fun to dive into movement principles from Aikido and apply them to Isabelle’s choreographic propositions. And I’m very much enjoying the practice-based process that spreads out until October (premiere mid October / HAU1). In the meantime, I’m also working with choreographer Camilla Féher for a spontaneously upcoming show of hers in Bremen. Her musical choreography/ choreographed concert gives me an opportunity to meet some performers from the inclusive Berlin-based theatre Thikwa and to get to know the international inclusive theater festival Mittenmang. Details: Konzertperformance by Camilla Féher & Guests | May 20th 2023, 20:30h | Brauhaus Bremen /// In and as part of Denk- und Produktionsort Libken, I’m happy to host and accompany two wonderful collectives for two residencies in May: hooops are going to investigate the potential of weeds to teach us how to survive in a world of changing climate and ecological crisis. Together with conspirative researchers from different fields of arts, they plug into the power of plants to design possible new futures. The seven performers of IN AN INSTANT will further develop their practice of instantly composed dance and poetry and share some insights in the frame of a little spring time celebration on Sunday, May 28th. Come by, it is a lot of fun! For more information, see Libken’s website or Instagram. ///

April 2023

April 2023 April is a traveling month: Thanks to a research grant by Fons Darstellende Künste, I have the opportunity to read and investigate into breath as a physiological, spiritual and ecological phenomenon. Doing that at Performing Arts Forum (PAF)  in France is an extra-pleasure. The former monastery and boarding school invites to roam around in plenty of rooms, halls, libraries and the hidden corners of a great garden. I especially enjoyed the strange (still) life of empty beds, squished cushions and stacked covers. The second half of this month is dedicated to a Body Mind Centering education program and the study of primitive reflexes, the alphabet of the body’s movement vocabulary. ///

March 2023

March 2023 A beautiful text by Michela Filzi on “Physis” (Moritz Macje) in which I performed in the end of February went online! You can read it here. “As the dancers relate to our presence, we simultaneously relate to theirs. It is a deeply ecological thought to become aware of the fact that we are not solely spectators of our environment, but unquestionably part of it.”     Physis by Moritz Majce, with: Yuri Shimaoka, Cary Shiu, Àgnes Grélinger, Zuki Ringart, Johanna Ackva. Photos by Kata Kwiatkowska ///

February 2023

February 2023 Save the date! Physis is the title of four evenings of practice development showings, in which I will be performing together with Agí Grelinger, Zuki Ringleb, Cary Shiu, and Yuri Shimaoka. In the past months, we had the pleasure of rehearsing with initiator Moritz Majce exploring and refining principles of Relational Flow. Places are limited, so getting your tickets in advance is recommended! ///

January 2023

January 2023 Healthy and happy New Year! I’m starting 2023 with good news: Nagao Akemi, Evelyn Saylor, Bettina Mileta and myself will have the opportunity to rework the performance Grandmothers (2021, Ballhaus Ost) in July and August in the frame of Uferstudios’ residency format VERTIEFEN. Originally developed by three of us, Bettina will join us to work on material matters as objects, space, or costumes. Grandmothers will then be performed in fall in a revised version, at Vierte Welt. ///

December 2022

December 2022 After four years, we are reperforming Eine Geschichte der Welt, a dance piece for young audiences, at fabrik Potsdam where it was initially created. Bring your kids or children friends along and come see Lea Martini, Dennis Deter, Filo Krause and myself transforming from stars to dinosaurs and from furry eggs to wind-filled whirling planets! Photo: Élise Schneider /// Helping almost magically to face the gray December days, are rehearsals with the team of Physis, five amazing co-preformers and -improvisers: Cary Shiu, Yuri Shimaoka, Djibril Sall, Zuki Ringart, and Ági Grélinger. The project by Moritz Majce will be presented at the end of February 2023 at Tanzfabrik Berlin and is developing around a research of principles of Relational Flow. ///

November 2022

November 2022 Save the date: Sebastian Blasius’ Schiffbruch mit Zuschauenden will premiere on November 24th at Ballhaus Ost. For me, this is the first time in many years working with a script (by Björn SC Deigner). Also part of the team are: Hauke Heumann, Katharina Shakina, Katja Gaudard (performance), Melina Brinkmann (assistance), Caspar Pichner (set and costumes). Photo: Jerun Vahle ///

October 2022

October 2022 Very happy, thankful and tired after the re-preformance of the series CLOUDS ON CLEAR SKY at Vierte Welt Berlin.  This time without Sophie Kuhlmann, or rather, with only her voice and absentual presence in Jan Burkhardts solo. A very sweet and beautiful report of their during that evening was written by Rosina Lui, a student of Bard college Berlin. The last of the four nights with Nagao Akemi was documented by tanzforumberlin and discussed in an article by Micha Tsouloukidse. Photo: Uta Neumann ///

August 2022

August 2022 Save the date / August 24, 2022, starting at 6 pm: Together with visual artist and author Anna Zett I’m currently preparing an event in the frame of the Berlin Project Space Festival 2022. Postindependent is a live-exhibition in which creators from different aesthetic contexts and parts of the world are using more or less material technologies to form and perform postindependent bonding. Rooted in indigenous, queer and environmental perspectives, their work enables new experiences of playing with rather than (only) struggling against. In the vast space of the former betting bureau FORTUNA WETTEN, postindependency appears ambivalently: as a carrier of hope, a process of mourning, an uncanniness, a vulnerable encounter. With contributions by: Circaeaa, Irina Gheorghe, Nathan Powless-Lynes, and Susanne Kohler. ///

June 2022

June 2022 I’m very glad to be invited with a performance for the opening of Christina Huber’s solo exhibition ‘Darling You Should Feel Lucky’, curated by Marie DuPasquier and hosted by Display Berlin. In ‘Human Polygraph’, I explore aspects of relationality and resonance in solo dance, tapping into the ghostly and mystical, and borrowing some musical lines from a composition by Hildegard von Bingen. 4th of June 2022, 19h. Mansteinstraße 16, 10783 Berlin. /// The end of June brings a very pleasant new experience on water for me: With choreographer Clément Layes, I spend two weeks in a residency, hosted by fabric Potsdam in order to work on his practice of one-on-one boat tours, ‘floating listening’. While we row our guests down the small river Nuthe, fragments of memories, myths and reflections that are delivered through headphones to our guest, address the experience of loss and the connection of water, transitions, and healing. Together with Jonas Maria Droste, I translated texts originally written in English into a German version of the performance. Photographs by Angelique Preau ///