January 2020

January 2020

As part of Barbara Bess’ research for her upcoming piece BeComing – Ein übersinnliches Selbstportrait, I am spending five days in Nürnberg, dancing and investigating the potential of our cells and organs to produce and reproduce. Leading up to Barbaras piece in April, this research block will be followed by two more blocks in February and March.

Tickets and more information about a work-in-progress-showing on the 19th of January can be found on the website of Tafelhalle Nürnberg.


My second attempt to apply for the Elsa-Neumann-Scholarship was successful!

From February 2020 on, this grant will allow me to continue an already started field research on how we perceive and deal with the awareness of our own mortality. Seeing death as the utmost limit to our power and idea of subjecthood, I am curious to speak with diverse people about their experiences with death and the process of dying. Not only am I trying to approach an existential and nonetheless widely avoided topic. I would also like to ask how we could, through a radical embrace of our mortality, reintegrate vulnerability and limitation, as well as solidarity with other life forms into being, dancing, and art making.

With (in the order of appearance): Gertrud Baier, Kurt Husemann, Wolfgang Loos | Performers: Anna Jarrige, Joshua Rutter, Johanna Ackva | Camera: Laila Kaletta, Max Hilsamer, Johanna Ackva | Post-production: Max Hilsamer