June 2020

June 2020

In collaboration with dancer and choreographer Magdalena Meindl, sound artist Joëlle Serret, and video artist Maximilian Hilsamer, we just finished the video installation bluefold.

The footage used shows two persons standing on each other’s toes, face to face and belly to belly, together involved in an ongoing repeating movement. Falling out of the vertical and away from one another, they alternately catch and bring each other back to center. If it were not for the loss of balance and a limited capacity for twosomeness, they would endlessly swing from side to side, riding their rhythms of tenderly brushing skin and violently crushing chests.

Originally taken from the piece couple-like by Keren Levi and Hugo Dehaes, Magdalena and me borrowed and transformed the movement material and choreographic setup for a scene in our piece Diagrams of Dependency (2015). Later, we took the material and developed it further into a performance of it’s own (Zähle mich zu den Mandeln I/II | 2016). In bluefold finally, the material incarnates into a three-channel video installation, an immersive polyrhythmic visual and sonic experience – that we will hopefully soon be able to share in its full spatial dimensions.

Tinged with different tones of blue – the color of the sky, or more precisely, of the light that gets lost in the molecules of the air – the work evokes facets of the relationship between distance and desire. Intimacy and the minimalism of the movement material create a situation in which subtle dynamics between two humans become tangible while at the same time refusing any conclusion.